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Based on next-generation mobile solutions & financial solutions, we lead the past, present, and future of IT.


Hybridized Mobile Integration Platform bizMOB™ 4.0

BizMOB™4.0 is a mobile-only platform for building and operating mobile systems. It is a proven integrated platform that serves as the foundation for mobile services.


One-stop System Deployment from UX consult to operations

Mobile C&C offers a wide range of services from user experience consulting to system operations, to meet the company's diverse mobile needs.


Moving forward IT industry of Southeast Asia

We provide financial banking solutions, payment solutions, and web/mobile system establishments.


Here are the examples of a major project conducted by Mobile C&C.

About Mobile C&C


Mobile solutions and flagship service businesses at home and abroad

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B2C/B2B deployment cases for various enterprise customers

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Why Why Mobile C&C?

5 reasons why customers keep coming back to Mobile C&C

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  • 01A wide range of experience and know-how
  • 02The specialized UX design group
  • 03Our own mobile platform based on technology
  • 04Mobile only operations management team
  • 05 The methodology of remote handling