Mobile system construction business

Through our project execution process, Mobile C&C's SI deployment specialist group provides one-stop system integrated deployment services, including proposals, customer requirements analysis, UX/UI design, publishing/client/server development, testing, stabilization, and service opening.

Remote Mobile System Deployment

Mobile C&C also provides a systematic remote project deployment service for the fast-growing contact-free project transition and acceleration of contact-free services. To carry out the mobile SI deployment service as a contact-free project, we utilize our pool of development personnel and establish a reasonable and efficient process to provide optimal deployment service.

Advantages of Remote Deployment

The number of remote projects has more than quadrupled every year, and most customers who have experienced remote projects have been asked to follow up on additional remote deployments with high satisfaction. Through a systematic remote project process and methodology, Mobile C&C will deliver the results they want on time by meeting their needs as best as possible and carrying out projects that are reliable.
Client’s Needs Solution
Expense We want to reduce the project expenses considering the business budget.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs by assigning development personnel to the appropriate roles.
  • Save on project room rentals.
Term We want to respond flexibly when launching the application.
  • Able to meet the schedule when the client wants. (ASAP Kick-Off)
  • Utilize project duration reliably.
Cooperation We want to communicate smoothly with non-resident teams such as Design and Native team.
  • Easy to communicate with non-resident teams at headquarters, such as design and publishing. (increases work efficiency)
  • Easy to request support from the internal QA team in the case of development issues.