We provide enterprise-specific mobile integration platforms ( bizMOB™, bizWAVE™) that can accommodate a variety of enterprise mobile environments. It is a certified GS-certified product by the certification authority of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in a hybrid manner that provides layers of server, terminal, legacy linkage, development, management and operations. * Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (GS Certified Products)

Key Features
bizMOB 4.0


Cross Platform

One Source Multi Use

Mobile Hybrid APP (iOS, AOS), Web (responsive) support as a single development source


Any System

Whatever OS,DB,WAS

Support for any OS (AIX, WS, Linux..),Any DB (Oracle, MSSQL..) and any WAS (Tomcat, Jeus..)



Covering the Key Security

Basic mobile security features such as network encryption, security of attachments and body content, and forgery and routing checks are provided on the bizMOB platform itself without installing a separate agent.


Service Builder

Powerful tool for Developer

Specialized design and management tools with 25 years of project experience enable convenient and reliable development.


Plug-in Adaptor

Optimized Interface Method

Easy Native interworking (interworking with internal and external phone functions), customer legacy system interworking, 3rd party SW (document viewer/editor/MDM, etc.) interworking with adapters generated from numerous projects


Any Server

Server whatever

Simultaneous delivery of on-premise server and cloud (AWS, AZURE, etc.) server environments



Language wherever

Support for multilingual Web/App development, as well as multilingual and extended language packs for system functionality


UI Framework Expansion

Open UI Framework

Independent Front-end Development configuration is available with the Web Framework (TypeScript/Vue.js/Angular.js) The commercial UI Framework provides UI performance optimization for development productivity, interactive application implementation, and an interface for Native Plug-in integration.


bizMOB Portal

Application Management System

Management of Company/User/User Group, App & Contents Management, App related statistics, and a closed-end App Store


Legacy Interface

Easy Legacy Connecting

Provides most types of legacy system interworking capabilities such as SAP and CRM


Push Service

Effective Communication Tool

Allows administrators to specify the target they want and deliver important events or messages directly.


Device Management

Close Device Management

Provides user-specific device management and loss management through the Administrator page. If you register to stop using the device for reasons such as change or loss of the device, make the app unusable and delete the relevant data if it exists


App deployment and versioning

Total Application Management

Provides user-specific device management and loss management through the Administrator page.

Key Features

Let us introduce the key features in the device execution, development, server platform, deployment, management, and production environments of the bizMOB™ platform.

Device Execution Environment

BizMOB™'s terminal execution environment supports Android and iOS based on hybrid app development. It helps apply new content to each OS easily by configuring all types of UI layers independently.

  • Hybrid app-based Android, IOS, and responsive web support
  • From one source to multi-page support
  • UI Layer independent configuration
  • Basic plug-in and Custom Plug-in
  • Real-time wireless content update
  • Security features: Prevent routing and app forgery
  • Support for the shaded area

Development Environment

BizMOB™'s UI Container implements the Client UI in a hybrid fashion with the concept of one-source multi-platform to accommodate a variety of mobile OSs. Using Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, one piece of content can be executed equally on various terminals, reducing development costs and making maintenance easier.

  • Improving Server Development Productivity Tool
  • Service Definition Tool
  • Web Simulator Tool
  • Template Creation Tool
  • Commercial editor plug-ins, etc.

Server Platform

Based on Multi-OS, bizMOB™'s server platform is designed to efficiently align most legacy systems with business-purpose solutions, ensuring scalability and reliability between systems.

  • Based on Multi-OS
  • Multi RDB
  • Resource Distribution and Remote Device Control
  • Legacy System Interworking Adapter
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide General Asset
  • Cloud and in-house environments
  • Real-time Log Viewer
  • Multi-login control function
  • Section encryption function, etc.

Work-linked environment

The bizMOB™ platform is compatible with all commercial and non-commercial WASs, and the OS also works with Windows Server, AIX, Linux, and more. The available DBs are Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, etc., which can be linked with legacy systems with various technologies such as RESTful API Web Service, Exchange Web Service (EWS), WebSocket, etc.

  • Exchange adapter
  • IMAP/POP3 adapter
  • DB adapter
  • SAP adapter etc.

Operating Environment

The bizMOB™ platform provides an administrator portal for management and operations as a single point of management. Through this site, you can manage smart-office devices, application management, user management, usage statistics, log management, etc.

  • Application Version Management
  • Automatic distribution
  • Authority management
  • Device Management
  • User Management
  • Statistics management etc.

Deployment Effect

Are you worried about unnecessary operation and maintenance costs and a waste of workforce due to reckless app development? Try solving it by introducing the bizMOB hybrid app platform. Improved development productivity reduces development time and cost.

bizMOB 4.0
Deployment Effect


Easy to Develop and Operate

It is possible to develop apps for various OSs with one source, and it makes operation easier.


Content Integrated Management

Automatically distribute content for mobile web and PC users to integrate and manage content.


Reduce Maintenance Expense

Reduce maintenance costs by integrating and managing maintenance sources.


Provides a Variety of UIs by Platform

It helps apply various layouts and designs to mobile, tablet, and PC websites.


Compliance with Web Standardization

Equipped with the basic requirements of mobile standardization to optimize the development environment and ensure quality.