Corporate Culture

Mobile C&C is a company that grows with employees in a horizontal and autonomous atmosphere, with open opportunities for challenges, and mutual trust. Free communication and collaboration improve work efficiency and listening to small opinions from employees. We are constantly striving to create a young and bright corporate culture such as a free company dinner atmosphere, free dress code, free use of annual leave, and cultural company dinner.

Mobile C&C Talk

Our Image of Qualified Employee

Mobile C&C established the following image of a qualified employee to become a trusted organization.


People who can respond to the rapidly changing market environment and are confident that they have superior talents.

Global Perspective

People who are interested in overseas operations (globalization) and have a sense of challenge to overseas markets.

Spirit of Service

People who are always in the customer's shoes and have a customer satisfaction service spirit.

Work Environment

We will provide the best environment for employees to work comfortably.

Training Human Resources

Mobile C&C

Work-study Parallel

Mobile C&C has been working with universities for many years since introducing the work-study parallel system, which makes us feel proud.
The work-study parallel is a system inspired by workplace learning in Germany and Switzerland and transformed into a Korean environment —companies hire workers and then train them practically and theoretically at the same time.
Juniors can receive systematic training for the job they want to learn in the IT industry fieldwork. In addition, as juniors acquire a national certificate or a work-study parallel qualification, they can have an effect that helps their specifications, experience, and career. Companies can expect positive effects such as training core human resources and reducing training costs for new employees. Mobile C&C supports the work-study parallel system in that juniors and companies coexist and grow together.