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  • UX Consulting

    ORedX is a group of passionate user experience design experts who improve user satisfaction through UX design processes such as Trend Research, User Research, Ideation, Information Architecture, UI Design, GUI Design, and Usability Test.

    Major Clients

    Hyundai Motor Group, Amorepacific, Amos, Univera, Etude, Innisfree, Microsoft, Kyowon Kumon, LS, ADT Caps, Lotte Global Logistics, Lotte Himart, Cesco, Coway, PPCBank, Seoul City Gas, Burger King, National Bank of Cambodia

  • B2C Mobile System

    The basic goal of mobile services for B2C is to increase the loyalty of users by providing personalized and optimized information for each user, and to increase sales by efficiently promoting brands, products, and services through membership and marketing apps. To accomplish this, a platform that can be smoothly used by users, accommodates various devices, and responds to immediate external environment changes (application of new devices, OS patches, resolutions, etc.) is necessary.

    서울도시가스,ADT캡스 고객센터,세스코 CES
    Major Clients

    AMOREPACIFIC, ETUDE, ADT Caps, Donghwa Enterprise, Woongjin ThinkBig, Kumon Method, Innisfree, AMOS, etc.

  • IoT Mobile System

    The basic goal of IoT mobile service is to efficiently manage the data collected from IoT devices, and to induce optimized behavior for users to effectively use IoT devices. To accomplish this, a platform which can provide complete communication and data management with IoT devices, customized behavior guides for each user, and intelligent push is needed.

    Major Clients

    Coway Korea, Coway America, Coway Europe, Cesco, etc.

  • Omni-channel System

    The basic goal of building an omni-channel system is to take charge of ordering and brand introduction to provide a more positive brand experience to customers by consistently integrate UX of apps, web, and kiosks, which are customer channels. We established omni-channel to provide a shopping environment where consumers can feel as if they are using the same store on any channel.

    버거킹 (한국)
    버거킹 (일본)
    Major Clients

    Burger King(Korea), Burger King(Japan)

  • Air-quality Monitoring and Automatic Control System

    Recently, as environmental issues such as fine dust, yellow dust, and pollutants have spread to social issues, there are increasing requirements for monitoring and controlling air quality for multi-use facilities such as schools, daycare centers, libraries, hospitals, and underground shopping malls. Therefore, we can provide a mean to measure/analyze air quality and provide an air conditioning automatic control environment based on the analyzed data by utilizing IAQ, IOT, and air conditioning control technology.

    • Measurement of air quality data based on IAQ
    • Air quality monitoring / control system
    • Air conditioning control
    세스코 공기질-01
    세스코 공기질-02
    세스코 공기질-03
    Major Clients

    Schools, Hotels, Underground Shopping Malls, and etc.