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Mobile C&C Product

Introducing our product

Mobile Platform bizMOB

The bizMOB™ platform is a platform that provides a variety of stableand efficient mobile services for customers in a rapidly changing mobile environment.

Platform Configuration

Server platform, device operation environment, development environment,management and operation environment, legacy interfacing environment

· Main Function

  • Server Platform Multi OS based Multi RDB Resource distribution and remote device control Legacy System Interface Adapter Provision of general assets which Increases productivity Cloud and in-house environment Real-time log viewer Multi-login control function Section encryption function, etc.
  • Device Operation Environment Hybrid-app based Android, IOS and responsive web support Support one-source Multi Page UI Layer independent configuration Base Plug-in and Custom Plug-in provision Real-time content update function Security functions such as routing and app forgery Shaded area support, etc.
  • Development Environment Server development productivity improvement tool Service definition tool Web simulator tool Templet creation tool Commercial editor plugins provision, etc.
  • Legacy
    Legacy Interfacing Environment
    Exchange adapter IMAP / POP3 adapter DB adapter SAP adapter, etc.
  • Operation Environment Application version management Automatic distribution Authority management Device management User management Statistics management, etc.

· Main features

  • Cross Platform

    One Source Multi Use

    Supports Mobile Hybrid App (iOS & Android) and Web (Responsive) with one-source

  • Any System

    Whatever OS, DB, WAS

    Supports Any OS (AIX, WS, Linux..), Any DB (Oracle, MSSQL..), Any WAS (Tomcat, Jeus..)

  • Security

    Covering the Key Security

    Provides basic mobile security function in bizMOB platform itself without installing an separate agent (Communication network encryption, attachment and body content security, forgery and routing checks, etc.)

  • Service Builder

    Powerful tool for Developer

    Supports convenient and stable development through professional design & management tools consist of 25 years of project experiences.

  • Plug-in & Adaptor

    Optimized Interface Method

    Easy interface with Native (with mobile phone internal functions and external devices), customer legacy system, and 3rd party SW (separation viewer / editor, etc.) through adapters created through numerous projects

· Integrated Management function through Admin Page

  • Push Service

    Effective Communication Tool

    Able to specify the desired target through the admin page and deliver important events or messages directly through application push.

  • Device Management

    Close Device Management

    Provides terminal management & loss management functions for each user through the administrator page. It can suspend the use for reasons such as terminal change or loss, and even can make the app unavailable to use and deletes the related data if exists.

  • App Deployment & Version Management

    Total Application Management

    Application fix and upgrade patch from initial deployment to automatic update is possible through admin page and app store server.

Open Platform bizWAVE

The bizWAVE platform is a platform that provides an optimized environment for customers who want to provide services in various environments.

Platform Configuration

Server, Front, Native (Full OS Runtime) Framework,Management and Operation, Statistical Service, Block Chain-based Security

· Main Function

  • Server Multi OS Multi RDB Docker based Micro Service Architecture AWS Cloud Connector features Flexibility and extensibility of communication through schema-based GraphQL communication Legacy system interfacing support
    ( HTTP, Multi DB, SAP )
    Cloud platform (AWS) based
    service available
  • Native
    (Full OS Runtime)
    Mobile OS
    ( Android, IOS, Window)
    PC OS
    ( Window, MAC )
    Web Browser
    (FF, IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari)
    Sand-Box type
    real-time update function
    App routing and content forgery security function Utilization of Plug-In based OS function
  • Front Independent UI Component composition based on Open Framework Provision of bizWAVE Component using commercial Component UI Library Interface provision for Native Plug-In interface
  • Management & Operation - SaaS type multi-tenant management function Manage app contents distribution Device control function Provision of statistical analysis extension function using Elastic Search
  • Development Environment Commercial editor without
    learning curve
    GraphQL Query Test Tool
    to improve server productivity
    Support GraphQL Code Generator
    (based on NodeJS)

· Main Features

  • Any Server

    Server whatever

    Supports both On-Premise server & Cloud (AWS) server environment Provides bizWave SaaS Admin system for AWS

  • Cross Platform

    One Source Multi Use

    Supports Web (Responsive), Mobile App (iOS & Android), PC App (Windows, Mac), KIOSK (Windows) with one-source.

  • Multilingual

    Language wherever

    Supports multi-language Web/App Development Supports multilingual and extended language pack for system functions

  • Development Lifecycle

    One Side Management

    Integrated management of development LifeCycle for application development-build-distribution

  • Multi Data Management

    Database whatever

    Supports Multi Database, Multi Data-source, Memory DB(Redis)

  • GraphQL

    Client Develop Friendly

    In order to improve the problems of Rest API, bizWAVE provides a structured Query API for client developers to quickly call required information from the DB.

  • AMS

    Application Management System

    Provides Tenant/Company/User/User Group Management, App & Contents Management, App related statistic status function

  • Legacy

    Easy Legacy Connecting

    Provides interface with most types of legacy systems such as SAP and CRM

  • Maintenance

    Support Rapidly

    Quickly respond to failures and patches through efficient maintenance and management process

  • MSA

    Micro Service Architecture

    Supports Docker based MSA

Massive Message Delivery Platform bizPUSH

The bizPUSH™ platform is a solution that can send PUSH messages in bulk to users who use the app, and can deliver various information in real time according to the context and characteristics of the consumer.

Main Function

Large-capacity sending, targeting sending, automatic sending, group sending, scheduled sending, re-sending, statistics, server monitoring, message receipt confirmation, etc. can be monitored through the administrator console.

· Main features

  • Push Message Management
    • Send (Immediately, scheduled)
    • Send History Management
    • Message Type Management
  • User Management
    • User Management
    • User Group Management
  • Server Management
    • Server Basic Management
    • Application Management
    • Logging Management
    • IP Certification Management
  • Statistics
    • Push Send Status
    • Application Status
    • User & Group Status
    • Push User Registration Status

Banking Framework MARU

MARU Framework is perfectly optimized for banking systems and fully guarantees core features and scalability for the design, development and operation of banking business. With open source and inter-module transactions, MARU Framework is structured to provide better scalability for future business and system requirements. MARU Framework ensures high productivity, easy and efficient maintenance, high system stability and interface/integration with additionally required solutions

  • Open Source based Core
    Banking System
  • Minimal Installation Environment and
    Ease of System Expansion
  • Easy Service Interface/Integration
    with 3rd party solutions
  • Easy to Integration with Configuration management,
    Data modeling, Meta system, etc
  • 24/365 Service Operation with
    High System Security
  • Database Error Minimizing
  • Efficient and high-performance Batch,
    Center-cut and Deferred processing
  • Easy Backup and Recovery
  • Less System Requirements
  • Easy Sourcing and Applying of
    Technical Resources
  • Technical Support to
    Various Interfaces

UX User Experience ORedX

Nurtured by Mobile C&C ORedX is a UX expert group of Mobile C&C. ORedX is a group of passionate and enthusiastic user experience design experts who provide professional UX services. Passion, Heart, Experience Orange represents our passion, Red represents our heart, and X represents user experience.