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We lead the past, present, and future of IT industry with the next-generation Mobility & Fintech Solutions.

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bizWAVE Framework supports every front & back-end work environments of all companies.

IT advancement projects for ASEAN countries

Providing the variety of IT services for the financial sector

Mobile C&C History

Introducing our history

Mobile C&C

  • CEO Hwangbo, Young Cheol
  • Products bizMOB™ ㅣ bizWave™ | bizPush™ ㅣ MARU®
  • Business Mobile & Finance Platform SupplyㅣUX Consultingㅣ Mobile & Finance System Implementationㅣ System Operation

Mobile C&C Korea Seoul

Since its establishment in 1995, Mobile C&C KOREA Office have provided mobile platform and implementation & integrated operation service to numerous corporate customers. We are leading the past, present and future innovation of mobile IT in Korea.

Mobile C&C Cambodia Phnom Penh

The Mobile C&C Cambodia office was established in 2012 to provide advanced Fintech services to ASEAN countries. Fintech experts, currently composed of 15 Koreans and 35 locals, have provided the National Payment System to National bank of Cambodia and also provided the financial platform & implementation services to local banks.

Mobile C&CHistory


  • 2019 Open Mobile Platform bizWAVE ™ 1.0 Launching
  • 2018 UX Design specialized brand ORedX Launching
  • 2017 Business Mobile Platform bizMOB ™ 3.5 Launching
  • 2015 Business mobile platform bizMOB ™ 3.0 Launching
  • 2014 Acquisition of Mobile Platform GS Certification
  • 2012 Establishment of Mobile C&C Cambodia Corporation
  • 2011 Enterprise mobile platform bizMOB ™ Launching
  • 2009 S.M.A.R.T Platform & Mobile Groupware Launching
  • 2000 Changed company name to Mobile C&C
  • 1999 VM-based Enterprise Mobile Solution mPOP Launching
  • 1995 Establishment of MC&C Corporation


  • 2019 Implementation of Cambodia PPCB Core-banking system Implementation of Payment system for Central Bank of Cambodia Implementation of Cambodia PPCB Corporate Banking Implementation of Cambodia Chokchey MFI Core-banking system Implementation of Buyoung Khmer Bank NBC Interface System
  • 2018 Implementation of Cambodia PPCB Core-banking system
  • 2017 Implementation of PPCB Mobile banking/CS banking and NBC interface system Establishment of PayOn Cambodia (joint venture company)
  • 2016 Establishment of local online shopping mall (LifeOn) and taxi call app service system
  • 2015 Commencement of domestic application development outsourcing
  • 2013 R&D outsourcing contract with domestic companies (Duzon and Orom)
  • 2012 Establishment of Mobile C&C Cambodia Corporation