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We lead the past, present, and future of IT industry with the next-generation Mobility & Fintech Solutions.

One Source Multi Use Multi Use Platform

bizWAVE Framework supports every front & back-end work environments of all companies.

IT advancement projects for ASEAN countries

Providing the variety of IT services for the financial sector

Mobile C&C Culture

Introducing our culture

Wanted Talents

One who can respond to the rapidly changing market environment and can be confident that they have better talent than others
Global Spirit
One who has a high interest in overseas operations (globalization) and have a sense to challenge overseas markets
Client Orientation
One who always think from the customer's point of view and has customer satisfaction service spirit

Welfare Benefits

Subsidy /
supports various family occasion, group accident insurance, and medical support services for overseas business trips
Salary / Gift
long-term employee awards, employment month gift events, excellent employee awards, national holiday grants, maternity celebrations, long-term employee gifts, employee recommendation recruitment system (rewards)
Organizational Culture
free company dinner atmosphere, free dress code, free annual vacation use, cultural dinner, quarterly quick beer (free to join)
Education /
workshop, book purchase cost support, education cost support, in-house club operation, cafeteria (free coffee/beverage/snack) operation, overseas resident system, new entrant mentor system, providing corporate card to all employees
elastic work system
vacation, half-day off, refresh vacation(long-term), and congratulatory holidays