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One Source Multi Use Multi Use Platform

bizWAVE Framework supports every front & back-end work environments of all companies.

IT advancement projects for ASEAN countries

Providing the variety of IT services for the financial sector

Mobile C&C Business

Introducing our business

Mobile Platform Supply Business

We provide enterprise mobile platform that can respond to various mobile needs.

Our mobile platform has been verified by numerous customers and it is consists of a server platform, a device operation environment, a development environment, a legacy connection environment, and an operating environment.

Mobile System Construction Business optimized for Business Environment

Based on the bizMOB and bizWAVE platforms, we provide a system implementation project that realizes the needs of various companies in a mobile environment.

We accomplish successful projects with standardized development methodologies such as user-oriented UX planning, UX design, interfacing with corporate legacy systems (On-premise / Cloud), business logic implementation, client UI development, unit testing, integration testing, deployment of operation environment, and operation stabilization.

Mobile System Integrated Operation Business

Successful deployment of mobile systems is also important, but it is more important to provide continuity of use through stable operation and content expansion after deployment.

We provide dedicated channels for each customer based on our own mobile professional operator POOL to respond in real time to internal and external environmental changes that occur after the system is opened.

ASEAN-tailored Solution Provision & Platform Operation to Achieve Customers’ Business Value

Founded in 2012 in Phnom Penh, Mobile C&C Cambodia has been providing local-specific banking systems and diverse enterprise applications and been operating the integrated payment platform and various business platforms best optimized to market.

With great reputations from market and a network of business allies, Mobile C&C Cambodia is widening its business area to ASEAN countries with high similarities of IT and banking.

UX Consulting Business

We have a professional UX consultant group to respond to the importance of UX (user experience) and to improve user satisfaction by conducting advanced UX consulting tasks such as trend research, user research, ideation, and usability testing. more >

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